A new year, beginning with a flash

I decided I would dedicate more time in 2017 to creative writing. Technically, I do “write” for a living, just in a very different realm. I am a writer/editor in a correspondence unit, and the bulk of my time is warming up standard messaging and helping craft helpful responses.

Flash fiction is something I’m hoping to pursue and explore this year. I tend to be a wordy writer, so I like how this form challenges me to keep word counts to 150. I’ve been published before, but I have to say this is one of the coolest and most rewarding pieces because I wrote it solely for myself, with very little intention of actually sharing it.

This piece was conceived via a writing prompt from my friends at Third Verb. Writing it and having people other than my mom say it moved them has given me more confidence to try new things and take risks. I feel so fortunate to know, be supported by and draw inspiration from some amazing writers in this community, including these ladies.

More on the fabulous #yegwords projects here and here.



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